About us

Marom-m ltd. is the Israeli leading manufacturing and designing Company of composite materials parts and advanced structures for the military and the private aeronautics and space industries, Para-Military and Homeland Security (HLS) applications, and the medical private sectors. Marom-m ltd. products are in operational use in many different security and defense programs worldwide.

25 years of experience as leading suppliers to the Israeli air force and the Israeli ministry of defense projects.

Our professional team is a knowledge based group which endeavors to provide best and wide spectrum of smart engineering & molds designing services at one stop shop along with high quality composite materials products. Our diversified and dedicated teams of professionals have expertise in providing supreme production services.

Company's profile

Marom-m ltd. is a privately owned company that specializes in the development and production of composite materials parts and advanced structures for all defense, space and aerial industries, medical and para-medical development companies.

Owned and managed by Mr. Yaniv Nagar with more than 25 years of experience in engineering and developing products and solutions for the Israeli ministry of defense and the leading UAV/UAS/electro-optical companies in Israel and worldwide. Striving to provide the customer with the best solution and support.

Marom-m ltd. Is a respected gold supplier known for a flexibility, innovative, yet standards-complying technology, and reliable, high-quality products and solutions for our customers.

In-house capabilities and expertise include:

  • Aeronautical, mechanical engineering and designing services.
  • Composite materials high specifications parts structuring of prototypes and mass production.
  • Smart molding and advanced manufacturing processes.
  • After-sales support and cultivating long-term relationships with customers.
  • ISO standards quality control.



For all business development inquiries, please email info@marom-m.com or click link to be redirected.

Authorized supplier of the Ministry of Defense no.11016457

Authorized supplier of Israel Aerospace Industries no.IW306

Authorized supplier of Rafael no.00717100

Authorized supplier of Elta

Authorized Prime supplier of Controp

Authorized supplier of Elbit no.13248

Authorized supplier of Aeronautics

Authorized supplier of Israeli Police

Authorized supplier of MTI Wireless Edge

Authorized supplier of NSLComm


Marom-m ltd. strives to streamline and improve its operations in order to provide its customers with high quality services according to their demands and expectations, while strictly monitoring all the engineering and manufacturing processes according to the quality system standards based on ISO 9001: 2015 standards.

The Company's management and employees are committed to implementing the level of quality assurance and to constantly inspect the quality control systems. with the full participation of the entire team of employees, who according to its worldview are the Company's success in meeting the quality objectives of the Company's products.