Composite materials are fibers woven together by an epoxy polymer into a new and improved engineered structure. Composite materials mostly used are carbon fibers, fiberglass, kevlar, inegra and more. These new engineered structures successfully meet the conditions of strength, weight, load and resistance, and sealed to moisture conditions.

The use of composite materials applications began with the aerodrome of the autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) industry, replacing metals in the assembly of advanced aircrafts, producing widespread use in all advanced industries and a variety of fields, from the private and military seaports, medical equipment systems and the emerging space industry, to the private extreme sports and personal riding protection and even home decoration.

Marom-m ltd. has extensive experience in cooperation with defense forces in Israel and abroad to develop complementary parts and embedded elements in the most advanced UAVs in the world, maximizing efficiency in the use of composite materials for upgrading both UAVs and communication systems.

Our company has vast experience in a development of advanced composite materials layups for communication systems used by defense and space industries. Marom-m ltd. sets a high standard applications of composite materials parts in advanced platforms, coated with minimal interference ranges for transmission and reception in extreme climatic conditions.

Marom-m Ltd. has a wide variety of domestic and international surveillance, security and defense customers. Due to the classified nature of many of the projects and products, we are unable to disclose all images.

Marom-m ltd. composite materials production process is controlled in each step of the way, ensuring our customers top of the line products and services.

Key features in our Production processes:

  • Controlled moisture and humidity rooms.
  • Smart designed molds which enable embedding of high-precision elements if needed.
  • Controlled WETlayuping.
  • High-pressure vacuuming.
  • Post-curing processes for each part insuring maximum strength.
  • Precis trimming and machining.
  • Sealing of Electro-optical gimbals up to 10PCI or more.
  • RFI & EMI inspections for Electro-optical gimbals and doms/radoms.
  • High standard coating/painting room.
  • High/low temperatures ground inspections.
  • Quality control room inspection.
  • C.o.c documents for each batch and part.

Molding Technologies

Marom-m ltd. specializes in a development and implementation of unique and meticulous production processes and the use of the finest raw materials available in the market, providing its customers with products according to international standards. All of the company's products are manufactured in molds that were designed with great care for the benefit of the advanced production process.

Marom-m ltd. engineering department is one of the pioneers in the development of molds for composite materials products. Marom-m ltd. also develops molds for suppliers and other companies in the field, made with composite materials or aluminum molds design.


Marom's composite machining (CNC) department is one of the most advanced and experienced in Israel. With extensive knowledge and experience in both machining systems and precision machining expertise in composite materials parts, our team is highly skilled in the range of polymers and the sensitivity required in the milling and punching process to create maximum precision according to customer requirements and precise assembly of components and their assimilation in the Advanced Electro-Optical and Precision Motion Control systems.

Marom's machining department performs drilling, punching and brazing processes and precise openings, milling of prototypes and molds in a precision mechanical process up to the accuracy of ± 0.05 for its customers needs in a variety of production processes.


Marom-m ltd. offers aeronautical and mechanical engineering services along with smart designing of composite materials products for any use. Our experience in the aeronautical and space industries in addition to medical equipment companies, enable developers low-cost and in-house solutions for their needs.